Headshots for Internal Communications

Headshots for Internal Communications

Just as important as external company branding is presenting oneself to your colleagues and peers.

A well-crafted headshot can enhance an individual’s credibility within the organization and build trust.

Many coworkers communicate daily but have never actually met in real life; it’s nice to look like a competent human being who won’t cut you.

Here are a few headshots I took for the Japanese luxury skincare line, Tatcha.

While these images will probably never make the company website, they are used extensively for Slack and other internal communications.

I love how even though it’s a simple, clean shot, everyone looks very much like they are working at the same company.

Like wearing the same sports jersey, it fosters connectivity and a team mindset.


For beauty products or brands, I use a ton of lighting to illuminate the skin and brighten up the whole photo.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a dimly light branding for skincare, it’s always a high-key vibe. This lighting would be great for other dermatological treatments or anti-aging products.

Tatcha was in Austin for a corporate retreat and I set up in an auxiliary room at their hotel using a white backdrop, tons of lighting, and lots of caffeine.

Booking my half-day package, we knocked out killer headshots for about 25-30 employees!

A shoot with a similar look was the delightful crew at LPL Financial at their office in North Austin.

These images needed to match the previous team member’s headshots (shot by another photographer) which is something I’m always happy to offer. Consistency matters.

I believe the impact of having a killer profile photo reaches far beyond individual profiles, shaping organizational culture and contributing to a brighter, more connected workplace.




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