Male Headshots

Male Headshots in Austin Texas

“They come runnin’ just as fast as they can
‘Cause every girl crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man…”

ZZ Top knows what’s up and perhaps you know the value of a b*tchin’ portrait.

Guys, you know you need a better headshot to level up at work, score babes, and dominant social media.

I always try to get a combination of images that will work for corporate business photography needs plus social media.

After over a decade here, I have a list of curated Austin locations that get a lot of bang for your buck without moving around too much.

Many men do not love having their photos taken so I keep things fast and simple for you. No long shoots in the sun on my watch!

I’ve also photographed a ton of men for LinkedIn, Hinge, and monetized blogs.

Need help with clothes? Don’t want to look like a tool? I can fix you up!

Looking for headshot pricing?

Loathe phone calls? Book online easily!

Once booking online with Tara Welch Photography, you’ll be sent over a gallery of locations plus a big “What to Wear” email!

Happy to jump on a phone call if needed as well. Male headshots for the win!

See the eye candy that is these Austin men below!

Need more examples? Check out in-depth blog posts here!


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