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Austin Boudoir Photographers | Austin Pets Alive

This pink haired hottie was the recipient of a charity voucher via Austin Pets Alive!

I’m so glad I had the chance to photograph this hilarious, intelligent woman!

K is a writer here in town and I adored her collection of the softest vintage tees, hand picked around town.

We met up at a local hotel and I did my usual thing where I literally rearrange all the furniture.

Like everyone before a photography session, K was a little nervous but after my dorky attempts to crack her up, she was a pro!

I think traditional lingerie is often associated with boudoir photography but it can really be anything you want!

While I adore stilettos, seethru garments and a well placed thong (hah), I think a casual shirt can be so sexy as well!

Also to state the obvious……isn’t her hair the most magnificent thing you have ever seen?

The most perfect shade of magenta pink!

K’s hair and face were further dolled up by wonderful Lauren of Hint of Shimmer!

Bravo to you for your bravery K!

You slayed your session!! xo

Austin Boudoir Photographers | Austin Pets AliveAustin Boudoir Photographers | Austin Pets AliveAustin Boudoir Photographers 1

Austin Boudoir Photographers – Austin Pets Alive

Austin Boudoir Photographers | Austin Pets Alive

Lara | Austin Portrait Session

Stunning Lara turned 25 last month and wanted to celebrate being a quarter of a century old with a portrait session!

Isn’t she gorgeous?

That face, that body……that hair and laugh!

Also isn’t that Asos dress to die for?

There’s something about a confident woman in a red dress that is simply incomparable.

I have a lot of red clothes and whenever I rock a red dress, I totally think of this Tina Fey movie scene! Hah!

Lara’s foxiness makes it hard to believe she’s a CPA eh? Accountants be bringin’ it!

Happy birthday gorgeous Lara!

Hope to see ya on your 30th girl!

Austin Portrait Session

Austin Portrait Session

Happy 2017! | Austin Portrait Photographers

2016 was a busy, busy year for Tara Welch Photography!

I photographed twenty five weddings, twenty three engagement sessions, seven boudoir sessions, and a handful of family portraits.

In 2016, I ventured into real estate photography, corporate portraits/headshots, and even attempted a college try at travel photography.

I’m excited about moving forward into more boudoir portraiture and found myself loving family portraits more than I would have thought!

I got out of town a lot too!

Last year I traveled to the Dominican Republic, Aruba, Suriname, Trinidad, Guatemala, Hawaii, Iceland, Greenland, and Denmark.

I feel so lucky to have so many wonderful people trust me to take their portrait and document their lives!

Happy 2017 and thank you all so much!

Austin Portrait Photographers

Austin Portrait Photographers