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Tara Welch Photography is super pumped to announce we have a guest blogger today!

Enjoy So-Cal girl Naomi Shaw’s writing below!

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Suffering from dry, chapped lips or lips that are afflicted with discoloration? It’s no fun!

Time to treat your lips to some TLC so you can achieve a gorgeous pout this summer and the perfect

selfie on social media.

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Less-Than- Luscious Lips: What Are The Causes?

There are many things that can cause your lips to lose their glow and healthy pink color.

Some of the most common ones include:

● Dryness caused from the harsh elements: think sun, wind, or cold air. You can also dry

out your lips by licking them excessively, which can cause them to dry out.

● Smoking. This is a huge no-no if you want gorgeous and healthy-looking lips. Smoking

constricts blood flow to the skin, which causes it to become dull or even discoloured.

That’s why some smokers even get what’s known as smoker’s lips when their lips

darken in color from the lack of nutrients and oxygen reaching their lips.

● Neglecting your lips. Although you slather on moisturizer to your skin daily, you might

forget all about your lips. They also need nourishment so they can look plump and


● Not Wearing Sunscreen. This is a huge cause of discoloured and dull lips because the

UV rays penetrate the delicate skin of the lips, causing more pigment to be produced in

the skin. The result is dark spots or patches on your lips.

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Get Your Radiant Lips Back

Are you guilty of any of the above lip saboteurs? Here is what you need to do to reclaim a

youthful and gorgeous pout – no Instagram filter required!

● Buy lip balm that’s filled with nourishing ingredients. Applying lip balm regularly

throughout the day keeps your lips hydrated so that they don’t dry out and become dull,

but not just any lip balm will do. You need to choose one with extra-hydrating

ingredients, such as almond oil and shea butter to keep your lips beautifully moisturized

all day.

● Your lip balm should also contain SPF to block the UV rays so your lips won’t get dried

out, and you should reapply it regularly when outside.

● Cover up your mouth with scarves when heading outside so that you create a barrier

between cold, dry air and your sensitive lips.

● Stop licking your lips! Saliva strips your lips of their natural nourishing oils, causing them

to become dry and chapped. It can become a habit to lick your lips, but stop yourself

from doing it by getting into the healthier habit of applying lip balm every time you get the

temptation to lick them.

● Exfoliate your lips. When you exfoliate the rest of your face, you should also scrub your

lips. This eliminates dead skin that can lead to dryness, chapped lips, or discoloration as

pigment tends to accumulate in this surface layer of dead skin cells. Bonus points if your

exfoliating scrub contains skin-lightening ingredients as this will further boost your lip

radiance. Nourishing ingredients such as almond oil are especially great to leave your

lips smooth and beautifully hydrated all day long. .

● Finally, quit the nasty smoking habit once and for all! Your lips will look so much better

for it.

Knowing what causes your lips to look dull and dry in all your selfie shots is the first step to

targeting the problem and keeping your lips beautiful all day long.

Go on and pucker up!

Need more coveted lip intel?

Check out this Positive Health Wellness article!

Austin portraits, photography for blogging

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Naomi Shaw is a freelance journalist residing in sunny Southern California with her husband and three children.

She is a work-at-home mom that enjoys writing on fashion, beauty, jewelry, and interior design.
She loves to garden, craft, and revamp furniture, making it look very much her own.
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