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Guest Blogger Wendy Dessler | Wild Engagement Photo Ideas for Fun Couples

Wild Engagement Photo Ideas for Fun Couples

Does it seem like every engagement photo is taken in a field of flowers, in a forest of fallen leaves, or knee-deep in the waves of a beach?

While these are pretty and traditional backdrops, if you lean more towards excitement and adventure, you know you can take your engagement photos to the next level!

The equation is simple! Wild couple + adventurous photographer = best engagement photos ever! Here are some ideas to inspire your cutting edge shoot!

Instead of a destination wedding, choose a destination engagement shoot. Lots of destinations are known for adventurous excursions and scenic attractions.

Try a dogsled engagement shoot in Alaska, or commemorate your new beginnings at ancient ruins in Mexico.

Plan a sports engagement. Go where your joint passions lead you – hockey couples, hit the ice; baseball couples, rent a stadium.

Go extreme. Try bungee jumping, parasailing, or skydiving to spread the word. Just make sure you do so with extreme caution!


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Take the plunge. Arrange a scuba or snorkeling excursion and bring signs that say, “we’re taking the plunge”, “she said yes” or “engaged!”

Underwater wedding photography is growing in popularity, in part due to the accessibility of water resistant camera technology.

You don’t have to take to the ocean! Even pools are great spots for engagement sessions – just take lots of precautions with attire so no one gets dragged under by unruly skirts, dresses or suits.

Recreate a dramatic, romantic scene from your favorite movie.

If you live in an area where there is a lot of filming, you might be able to arrange a session at the same location where the movie was shot. If not, incorporate similar furniture, costumes and lighting to get a genuine look and feel.

Record a surprise engagement. There might be nothing more risky than orchestrating a surprise complete with photographer, and maybe loved ones.


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You’ll definitely feel like you’ve taken a walk on the wild side when you put together all of the details!

Do a smoke bomb engagement session. Add a lot of color to your engagement session with the latest rage – photo smoke bombs.

If you’ve seen a color run or spent much time on Pinterest, you’ll have seen these clouds of brightly colored “smoke” or powder that make very interesting photo moments, perfect for a wild engagement session.

Go for a ride. Take a horseback ride in the mountains or on the beach, or hop on a vintage airplane, antique train, or even a surfboard!

Take to the trees. Give the world your bird’s eye view by booking a session on a zipline.

If you’ve already taken your engagement photos but now wish you had been more adventurous, worry not!

A lot of these ideas can be executed with a twist after the wedding in your wedding dress and tux!

Put any of these ideas into play for your engagement session, or even your post-wedding session, and you’ll not only have amazing images to share, but even more amazing memories of your earliest moments together.

What kind of wild engagement session do you have planned?


Tara Welch Photography, Destination engagement

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