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Rangefinder’s 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography

Honored, excited, and still shocked to have been included in Rangefinder’s 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography for 2014!

Rangefinder is one of the leading monthly photography magazines and a great read!

You can see the entire November issue here or by clicking on the image below.

Rangefinder also posted an entire Shootproof gallery to illustrate more of the winning photographers’ work!

It’s pretty wicked and great to see so many friends and familiar faces in the lineup!

Photographers, please check out Shootproof if you do not use them already!

They are a truly amazing company and have changed the way I work for the better!

Much, much love to the Rangefinder staff and Shootproof.

Thank you so much for this rad award!

Tara Welch-Rangefinder

November 2014 - DownloadScreenshot 2014-12-11 09.35.47


December 11, 2014 - 12:07 pm

Shanna - Way to go!!

January 9, 2015 - 12:35 pm

James Besser - Boooo ya!!! Congrats

Should you do a first look? | Austin Wedding Photographers

Should you do a “first look”? AKA, see each other before the ceremony.

Should you do a first look?

Reasons to do a first look.

  • You’d like to spend as much time with each other as possible on your wedding day.
  • You’d like a private moment with your spouse before the ceremony.
  • You think you’re going to bawl your head off and would like to get a makeup touch-up.
  • It sounds super fun and adorable.
  • You’re getting married at 7pm in January and are hoping for a least a few portraits with some sunlight.

Reasons not to do a first look.

  • You’re the superstitious type. (more on this later)
  • You love the idea of him not seeing you until you’re walking down that long, awesome aisle!
  • You’re hoping to do all the portraits before the ceremony so you can rage at cocktail hour. (More on this later as well)
  • You’re hoping for a tearful groom photo. We (the photographers of the world) are all hoping for that. It’s rad when it happens but sometimes he’s just all “hey babe, sick dress”.
  • Pressure from others to do one because it’s more “modern”.

How did the tradition of not seeing the bride before the ceremony start?

In the old days when marriages were more business transactions than anything else, many couples didn’t meet at all before the wedding day. Your dad probably sold you (the bride) off for some goats and was nervous that if the groom saw you beforehand and thought you were hideous, his family would retract the deal and your family would be mired in shame (and goat-less).

This is also where the tradition of wearing a veil (covering the front of the face as well) came from. The groom wouldn’t see the bride until the very last possible second and lessen the chance of him running away. So touching.

This tradition/superstition has evolved into a tender moment but I think we can put the idea that it’s “bad luck” to bed. : )

While the idea of doing all the portraits before the ceremony is a great one, it usually does not work out completely. Don’t get me wrong, we can do some or a lot for sure, but knocking out ALL of the portraits is usually not going to happen.

  • Reason numero uno……inherently someone is late, lost, not quite ready or dealing with a child that’s losing its damn mind.
  • Time. You still would like to make a grand entrance down the aisle and surprise peeps with your sublime hotness. However, everyone came super early to your wedding so you have to hide in some room away from the ceremony site. It happens every single time.
  • In Texas summer, the bright ass sun will melt you and yours and sap the energy right out of you.
  • The lighting sucks. Especially in summer. You cannot make 3pm sun looks like 7pm sun. You just can’t. In order to expose correctly for your skin, I’ll have to completely blow out the background of your glorious venue. For simple family/bridal party/group photos we can make most any situation work but for those gorgeous, enviromental, romantic images…..later is simply better.

So what do you prefer, Tara?

I’m pretty impartial truthfully and enjoy both. The only, and I mean only time, I would really suggest doing it is if pretty, sunlit portraits are important to you and you are having a late-ish winter wedding.

Just my two cents for Tuesday. Hope this helps you figure out if you should do a first look or not! Should you do a first look?

Need more advice? Hit me up at

Jordan | University of Texas Graduation Portraits

I love this time of year when commencement is almost here!

Jordan’s University of Texas graduation portraits didn’t disappoint!

Jordan is graduating from the School of Nursing and already has a rad job lined up in San Antonio!

Side note, Jordan did her own makeup! Seriously amazing!

Many congrats girl!

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Azhar + Henry | Malverde Wedding

Azhar and Henry had a great modern Malverde wedding last month and it was a blast!

The bride and groom got ready in the same room at the W Hotel with Azhar doing her own makeup like a boss!

The ceremony and reception were at the gorgeous Malverde! I really wish my home looked half as cool as this place!

Cassie from Brides Best Friend kept us on track!

This wedding was super duper special for many reasons, but the biggest one is that Azhar’s family flew in all the way from Kazakhstan!

Central Asia FTW!

Gave me a chance to practice the three words of Russian I know!

These two are destined to have a mega fun life together! Thank you both so much again!

Other vendors involved include the following!

Catering : La Condesa

Floral Design : Verbena

Photo Booth : The Traveling Photo Booth

Officiant : Spike Gillespie 

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The guy on the left’s face! ^^^^Austin Wedding Photographers-2623Austin Wedding Photographers--22Austin Wedding Photographers-2438Austin Wedding Photographers-2097Austin Wedding Photographers-2384Austin Wedding Photographers-2630Malverde WeddingAustin Wedding Photographers-2855

May 1, 2015 - 3:26 pm

Kristi Wright - So many great moments. Nice job!