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Jenny + Brandon | Austin Portrait Photographers

Prepare to be jealous y’all because Jenny and Brandon are living the dream!

A while back they sold their belongings, left Oregon and now are nomadically traveling cross country via RV!

And their set up is so freaking cute! Absolutely adorable!

I love imagining them hanging out in a different place each month, drinking Shiner or another local beer, listening to the Beatles and Tom Petty, kissing……sigh.

These two were parked at the lovely South Shore Park in Bastrop for this portrait session but they are on the road again.

Jenny and Brandon met in high school and are marrying later this month. Then they’ll continue their RV adventures!

We also did an itty bitty boudoir portrait session in the RV but those are for Jenny and Brandon’s eyes only!

Many, many congrats to these two!

Looking forward to your Hamilton Twelve wedding next month!

Oh and check out their blog here!

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Jenny’s hair color and profile totally remind me of Florence and the Machine. Love it!Austin Portrait Photographers 13Austin Portrait Photographers 5Austin Portrait Photographers 8Austin Portrait Photographers 2Austin Portrait Photographers-

Austin Portrait Photographers

June 17, 2016 - 8:42 pm

Hamilton Twelve Wedding | Austin Portrait Photographers - […] might remember these two from their creative engagement session inside their […]

Intern Bridget | Austin Senior Portraits Photographers

Late last year a high school teacher reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in a teenage intern who wanted to pursue a career in photography.

Anyone who has ever seen my Netflix queue can tell that I love all manner of media geared towards teenagers and young peeps in general.

In January, Intern Bridget entered my life!

Bridget goes to an amazing school in the Midwestern that values teaching students actual skills and work ethic.

She lived with her extended family here in Austin and worked for me during the week.

We had a blast culling weddings together, discussing which of Rory’s boyfriends from Gilmore Girls was the best, and going out shooting images!

Bridget is the kind of teenager that gives teenagers a good name.

Driven, funny, warm, completely unspoiled and unentitled.

As an example, her car broke down while she was here and she took the bus to my house.

Doesn’t sound like a big deal initially, but that commute is over an hour and a half due to crappy bus transit here!

Sadly her parents wanted her back so I couldn’t adopt her.

On our last day together, I photographed her in a mish-mash of Forever 21 clothes dancing around Austin.

It was the windiest day of the year but I love the images we captured!

Bridget is a dancer and totally held out from sharing her rad dance moves until our last day!

Thank you for everything Bridget, please come back soon! xo

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At certain angles I think Bridget looks like a less grouchy Kristen Stewart!

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Austin Senior Portraits Photographers

Jessica + Kagan | Austin Wedding Photographers

These two….aren’t they adorable?

Jessica and Kagan had a wonderful wedding on a stunningly warm January day in Dripping Springs.

Their ceremony took place at St. John Neumann Catholic Church.

The church has asked me not to share images here but trust me, they are stunning!

Sweet Ashley from A Bunch of Weddings coordinated this fantastic and romantic day!

A house divided, Jessica is a Longhorn and Kagan rocks the A&M ring! Note that awesome cake!

I felt so lucky to document this classically romantic wedding!

Other vendors involved include the following.

Hair + Makeup | The wonderful Belle Mariee crew

Florals + Tablescapes | Kari from The Flower Girl

Rad DJ | My buddy Joel of Greenbelt DJ

Videography | My other buddy Adam from Adam Grumbo Wedding Films

Paper Goods + Koozies | Susan from Personally Yours

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This kid’s sheepish face slays me! Hah!Ma Maison Wedding 3

Ladies’ man…..

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Austin Wedding Photographers

March 3, 2016 - 12:17 pm

Ellen - Absolutely gorgeous!