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Anyone who knows me knows I adore a good pint of beer!

Beer has been a big part of my life and my tastes range from really expensive wild yeast sours to the banality of American light lagers.

My husband and my brother in law, Jimmy, spend much of their free time brewing beer and Jimmy even won the Kona Brewers Homebrew Festival competition a few years back!

Said husband and I are small time investors in Blue Owl Brewing and have adored being a teeny-tiny part of their operation.

Needless to say when Beer Connoisseur Magazine reached out to me about shooting the cover………I was over the moon!

I met Texas import legend Bob Leggett at his company Artisanal Imports and enjoyed spending time talking beer with him!

One of the best parts of my jobs is interacting with new peeps on the regular and I loved getting to know Bob!

Back in the late 70’s, Bob’s father bought a small distributorship, Shiner of Austin. Maybe you’ve heard of Shiner? ; )

Bob, being fresh out of college and jobless, hopped on board to help!

They shaped a fairly unknown brand into the powerhouse it is today. Delicious Shiner Bock still remains a Texas favorite.

A few years after this Bob was introduced to the tasty Duvel by a friend and began to import other Belgian beers into Austin.

The rest is history!

Bob lives out on a ranch near Llano with his lovely wife and a couple hundred goats!

We had a great time shooting (and enjoying a few cold ones) around and inside ABGB’s!

Thanks so much again Bob and Beer Connoisseur Magazine!

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October 14, 2016 - 3:08 pm

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Jill + Jay | Hummingbird House Wedding

There are people that have the type of personality that can really let go and be present in the moment no matter what.

I can’t speak for Jill and Jay regarding their day to day lives, but at their Hummingbird House wedding….they let go!

Weddings are wonderful, no doubt, but the stress, finances, and general orchestration of such an important event can tear away at your wedding day joy.

Many couples simply get too wrapped up in the tiny details, the decor, the perfect presentation….they don’t end up enjoying their day as much as they would like.

Perhaps it’s from being terrier owners, or the fact Jill is an ER nurse…..they just relaxed and didn’t get fazed by anything!

Jill’s dress had some crazy last minute fitting problems, a guest fell and had to leave on crutches….. said crutches that were borrowed from the best man who was still limping from knee surgery!

The groom’s brother split his pants during the ceremony! In the church y’all!

Many couples would have let this lack of ‘perfection’ ruin their day, but Jill and Jay are cool laid back sorts and just enjoyed the cuss out of the day!

Wonderful Courtney is Hummingbird House’s killer coordinator and may have had a lot to do with the couple’s chill vibe!

It was an epic dance party with beautiful deserts from Sweet Treets (OMG lemon bars!) and non-stop laughter! Hummingbird House was a great venue for it!

My homie Anthony from Greenbelt DJ set the stage for a rage and kept the party going!

Jill and Jay had their first dance to Børns’ 10000 Emerald Pools which was glorious!

The Slow Motion Booth was a huge hit! I love the photos I captured but man……the booth was truly amazing! I want to do that!

Pok-e-Jo’s catered and it was the usual tasty taste! Mmmm….Texas BBQ!

Many congrats to these two!

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Amanda | Bull Creek Graduation Portraits

Miss Amanda is graduating from The University of Texas next month with an English degree and a minor in Japanese!

How cool is that?

Doesn’t she have the most classic face? All round eyes and smooth skin!

Like Vermeer’s ‘Girl with the Pearl Earring’.

Austin born and raised we both found it hilarious that neither one of us had been to Bull Creek much and had no idea where to park or anything!

Since I tend to photograph more downtown, this was a great change of pace!

Amanda was easy to hang with and genuinely fun to be around and I hope to hear more about her post graduation adventures!

Domo arigato Amanda!

Oh and go see Reality Bites, amiga! Perfect film for a recent graduate!

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Bull Creek Graduation Portraits