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Marlene | Austin Graduation Headshots

Although an Abilene girl originally, Marlene moved to Austin from Washington DC after finishing law school earlier this year!

Since she’s entering a new time in her professional life and hadn’t taken graduation portraits, we did a small mini session to commemorate both.

Pretty sure Marlene picked me as her portrait photographer because my first name is Tara and she’s a huge Tara Lipinski fan!

Marlene ice skates as well if you can’t tell by those rocking stems she’s sporting!

We had a great time quoting lines from “The Cutting Edge” during our shoot…..”toepick”!

I also totally think Marlene looks like Nina Dobrev from Vampire Diaries, anyone else?

How lucky is that?

I wouldn’t say this is groundbreaking portraiture, but I adore Marlene’s confident pose in the image below on the left.

If I was an employer going thru potential job applicants, this photo would scream, “Yes, it’s me, the one that can turn this trainwreck of a company around”.

Hey, my tree is still up, so we can post Christmas light images still!

Austin Graduation Portraits

Marlene also just bought a brand spanking new Mustang convertible!

There’s something about the second car you own.

It’s usually more “you” and not a parental hand me down.

Anyone that knows me knows I am obsessed with convertibles and weekly lament selling mine years ago…..sigh.

Many congrats to you and your awesome life, Marlene!

Austin Graduation Headshots
Austin Graduation Headshots

Sarah + Steve | Hamilton Twelve Wedding

I didn’t meet these two lovely people until their wedding day, but I was blown away by their presence.

Kind hearted, positive, hilarious….absolutely fantastic to be around!

Their wedding went down at the always great Hamilton Twelve.

This couple has a lot of travels in them and it was reflected in their awesome food choices!

This was a great evening full of festive folks, dancing, and laughter!

Many congrats to these two!

Mazel Tov!

Hamilton Twelve Wedding

Hamilton Twelve Wedding

Alejandra + Jimmy | Austin Photography Mini Sessions

You might remember Alejandra and Jimmy from their Allan House wedding last year!

A killer wedding if there ever was one!

A lot has changed for these two with the number one thing being that they moved from Washington DC to Austin!

Welcome back Alejandra and just plain welcome, Jimmy!

This time of year, I offer photography mini sessions and these kids hit me up for an anniversary shoot!

Happy one year anniversary, you two!

It was great to see their fine faces again and I’m hoping to see them again next year!

Happy holidays lovers!

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Austin Photography Mini Sessions