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C + M | Hotel Van Zandt Wedding

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone but especially to C and M!

They had a sweet, small wedding here in Austin about two weeks ago!

First off, if you aren’t into photos of adorable dogs, leave while you still can.

C and M’s heartbreakingly precious King Cavalier spaniel, Oliver, is all over this blog post!

The couple began the afternoon of their wedding at the lush Hotel Van Zandt near the infamous Rainey street.

One of the best things about Kimpton hotels is their animal friendly policy!

I’m sure Oliver was thrilled to be included!

One of M’s oldest friends, M, was made an officiant the week before and met us at the hotel for the pilgrimage to Chapel Dulcinea.

It was almost pitch black by the 7pm slot and we caught a shooting star!

The ceremony only lasted a few brief minutes but was enjoyed by all!

I was honored to be their witness on the legal documents. : )

Many, many, many congrats to this family of three!

Hotel Van Zandt wedding 14

We caught the last little bit of sunset when we arrived at the ceremony spot!

Hotel Van Zandt Wedding

Chapel Dulcinea Wedding

Lara | Austin Portrait Session

Stunning Lara turned 25 last month and wanted to celebrate being a quarter of a century old with a portrait session!

Isn’t she gorgeous?

That face, that body……that hair and laugh!

Also isn’t that Asos dress to die for?

There’s something about a confident woman in a red dress that is simply incomparable.

I have a lot of red clothes and whenever I rock a red dress, I totally think of this Tina Fey movie scene! Hah!

Lara’s foxiness makes it hard to believe she’s a CPA eh? Accountants be bringin’ it!

Happy birthday gorgeous Lara!

Hope to see ya on your 30th girl!

Austin Portrait Session

Austin Portrait Session

Happy 2017! | Austin Portrait Photographers

2016 was a busy, busy year for Tara Welch Photography!

I photographed twenty five weddings, twenty three engagement sessions, seven boudoir sessions, and a handful of family portraits.

In 2016, I ventured into real estate photography, corporate portraits/headshots, and even attempted a college try at travel photography.

I’m excited about moving forward into more boudoir portraiture and found myself loving family portraits more than I would have thought!

I got out of town a lot too!

Last year I traveled to the Dominican Republic, Aruba, Suriname, Trinidad, Guatemala, Hawaii, Iceland, Greenland, and Denmark.

I feel so lucky to have so many wonderful people trust me to take their portrait and document their lives!

Happy 2017 and thank you all so much!

Austin Portrait Photographers

Austin Portrait Photographers