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Royal Ring Shot | Virginia Wedding Photography

So don’t judge but I recently picked up this Princess Di/Kate Middleton engagement ring knock off at Claire’s! Staged this silly ring shot to upload for this day! Enjoy! : )

April 29, 2011 - 9:49 am

Amber - Haha I love it.

June 21, 2011 - 7:47 pm

Cheryl - Sooooo funny! What will you think of next?

Random Thoughts | Fried Green Tomatoes | Virginia Wedding Photography

The other day while I was editing I had the TV set to Fried Green Tomatoes and something spoken by Ruth stuck with me. I’ve seen this movie a million freaking times (and bawled every freaking time) but had never remembered this particular line.  When Ruth is explaining to the judge why she ran off to live with Idgie Threadgoode when she was pregnant she says “Like speaks to like”. (Or rather “laaaake spaaaaks tah laaake”.)

One thing that I have found interesting in my weddings for this year is how much my lovely brides and grooms have in common with myself. All of them seem to say the same thing. “The photography is so important to me. I love photography!” They are the people obsessed with hipstamtic iphone photos, the people that take a zillion photos when they travel, they love magazines and printed stuff. They wanna talk shop with me. They want me to meet them at funky restaurants they know about. They write. Many of them are photographers themselves or involved in other creative fields. My last bride is a painter and is going back to school for photography. I have two weddings next month that both have actors. I’ve shot the weddings of musicians. I’m shooting the wedding of someone that worked for Flickr and now for Tumblr. Even if they aren’t involved in a creative field as their main career, they are still creatives and idea people.

I cannot express how awesome I think it is that  people that truly value art and photography choose me to be their photographer on their wedding day. Thank you so much! : )