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Love at the Christmas Table

I think pregnancy is making me soft because I found this one to be surprisingly watchable!

It’s a classic love tale of the abso-fucking-lutely Perfect Girl Next Door (played by ultimate PPGND, Winnie fucking Cooper!!!) and Conflicted Hot Dude That Moves to the City and visits over Xmas each year.

Despite three decades of a lot of under the kitchen table hangs involving soft lighting and booze these two dumbasses have never full on hooked up or confessed their undying love for each other.

Mirroring their own ineptitude for hooking up is the hot mom from the Back to the Future franchise (I love you Lea Thompson!) and fucking Luke from Gilmore Girls.

Back to the Future Mom and Luke from Gilmore Girls are also long lost would be lovers but Winnie Cooper’s mom had to fuck that up. But I guess she had what was coming to her because of course, PPGND’s mother is now dead making Luke pretty fucking single for many years.

We get a lot of Xmas over the years flashbacks which I found fun and perhaps a nod to Back to the Future Mom’s time traveling film glories. They even put bangs on Winnie so we can all squeal with delight thinking about the Wonder Years and wonder what the fuck happened to Fred Savage.

But now it’s present day Xmas!

Will Conflicted Hot Dude That Moves to the City finally save Practically Perfect Girl Next Door from her small town girl (living in a looooonely world) life?

Can one GER (Gigantic Engagement Ring) save Christmas??!?!


Duh, of course! Because everyone know that no matter what……you were definitely the best judge of character as a horny teenager and whomever you lusted for then is fo sho your soulmate.

Love at the Christmas Table

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